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Tax Hells Index 2022

Our inaugural paper “Tax Hells” has been created to benchmark those jurisdictions that combine high tax regimes with ongoing government mismanagement. Our goal is to create an annual index and highlight jurisdictional frameworks year after year.

The Tax Hells Index is an in-depth look at both the qualitative and quantitative data that is released annually by both the IMF and The World Bank.

By drawing out critical insights from this data

The 1841 Foundation was able to create a comprehensive index and critically examine 94 countries against a stringent framework.

The data examined included much more than tax data, but also examined governments and their ability to function efficiently and effectively for their citizens.

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Another initiatives

Letter to the U.S. Treasury

The 1841 Foundation has sent a letter to the United States Secretary of the Treasury to express concerns that the United States might be sharing the private financials of individuals with bank deposits in the country with the authorities in Argentina.

Argentina is a country that has consistently violated the privacy rights of many of its citizens, by consistently leaking to the press private financial and tax information.

The balance between privacy and transparency is an important matter for “The 1841 Foundation” and a topic that needs to always be defended and promoted. This initiative was signed by deputies and economists of Argentina, among other notable personalities.

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